April 19th

NOAH POIRIER is a young man with an old soul. Introduced to the world of music by his father when he was three, he fell in love with the ability to create sounds. He formed his first band A-Z at the age of 13. At 15 he formed his second band, The Basement Sweets. He is inspired by greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Dallas Green, Black Keys, Simon Jarrett, and Gaye DeLorme. When asked why a man so young would choose to play the blues he said it is because we all go through hard times and it helps to sing about them and realize we are not alone. With Noah's soulful lyrics and melodic voice, this talented young man's future is looking very bright. This is a pass-the-hat event supporting live music! ???? Ph#604-462-8877 Reservations recommended!